Leon Michaud

1910 West Boulevard

West · Cuddell · Poetry

The red maple stands solemnly,
Silent witness to the kill,
Of a kernel’s final journey,
Not yet 5,000 dawns fulfilled.

For one last shaken moment,
A day’s dream ended abruptly.
The grace of light will never foment,
This seed’s life-circle thusly.

O’er my shoulder is reflected,
Against mirrored windows laid bare,
The massive memorial collected,
To honor Tamir’s spirit here.

A child’s hopes will only bring,
That which imaginations allow,
To our own Young Black King,
And the name we will avow.

Never realizing the resultant rigor,
Of how our privilege protected,
Another pulling of the trigger.
And, yet, the future will be affected,

By today’s silence, it would seem,
To neutralize one more child’s dream.

Leon Michaud

In 1995, Leon Michaud moved to Northeast Ohio with his wife, and their young son. Over the subsequent years, his family (which now numbers five) has enjoyed experiencing life in the inner-ring community of Euclid. Living in this effervescent echo of the rich cultural tapestry of the Cleveland neighborhoods, has provided local exposure to numerous facets of a global society. During his career, he has engaged in various roles as an electrical engineer, while, artistically, he has always enjoyed playing music and singing (having even composed ‘some tacky ballads’ in his twenties.) He seriously began writing poetry three years ago at the age of sixty-two. At the time he felt drawn to the positive power of words. As his speaking voice can sometimes lose control of the message, he takes comfort in knowing that his written words are predominately a clearer and kinder oracle for communication. As he starts to gravitate from the role of working “stiff,” he looks forward to more quiet time to pursue messages that he believes merit attention.


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