Vince Robinson

Where Melanin Dwells

Northeast · Glenville · Poetry

young voices bleed through the silence
of night

hear me
say they

sonic booms
and sparkling dollars
light the sky
through dawn

feel me
cry they

leaving debris
to line the streets of their displeasure

in Glenville
and every other ’ville
where melanin dwells

redlined lead filled
toxic soils lower life expectancies

takes a back seat to abundant
processed nutrition-less
bodega matter in plastic packages
courting cortisol
causing loss of control

absence of nature
leaves a void in judgement

lack of culture
leads to nonexistent respect

no apology

replaced by the cacophony
of scattered explosions
shouting indifference

as the walls come tumbling down
in spectacular fashion
until now

no one has the answer
to Marvin’s anthem

uncertainty reigns supremely
with the planetary energy
singing its song

change will come
when it comes
and no


normal’s return

Vince Robinson

Vince Robinson is a writer who has lived in Glenville for the past twenty-eight years. He has been writing poetry since high school and his first writing class at Kent State University in 1975.


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